My earliest memory of Vaidhee is of him in MVM’s school uniform, humming loudly to himself, dribbling an empty juice box along the school corridors during lunch break. Fast forward to 2019, he’s across the table at Writer’s Cafe, introducing Keerthana as his fiancee. As I would go on to learn in the days to come, Keerthana is a graceful accumulation of talent, patience, poise, and grit.

In the 45-minute meeting with them, Vaidhee tells me their love story, how they stuck by each other through degrees and jobs, how their jobs moved cities, countries, and continents, how they found a thread to hold on to and make it work amidst all of it. He tells me Keerthana is a Kathak dancer, how dedicated and hectic a schedule every day is when you are a dancer, how they met briefly in cities old and new and made their own memories, and how it has brought them to us, discussing wedding plans. And all the while, while I assumed Keerthana was scribbling on a napkin for fun, she had actually roughly sketched the layout of the resort they were to get married in. :D

Seeing my stunned silence, she chuckles, ‘Oh, I am a qualified architect also lighta, hehe.’

Vaidhee & Keerthana are a lot of things, but what I will best remember and carry forward is how, amidst a 100 odd things that happened during their wedding, like any other wedding or that matter, they never once forgot to take tiny moments to just look at each other, hold, murmur nothings, always, always remembering the why. :)

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Bonus: Here’s a small BTS video clip from their couple shoot. The speaker was playing songs from a curated playlist they patiently built together over the years, with songs they both loved or one of them loved and wanted to share with the other, throughout the course of their long-distance relationship. :)