krishnaswamy kalyana mandapam



Although I’d heard multiple times from Ram (very good friend & amazemax photographer at Frontal Knots) that Printpoint’s owner Arvind is his cousin, how I got about to shooting this wedding is, I believe, an interesting story.

I’d shot the Sashtiapthapoorthi (or as I like to call it, the South Indian vow renewal ceremony) of Ram’s parents, and although he did tell me the entire family loved the pictures, I did not take him seriously at all until I got a call from Ram about this wedding. ‘My entire family insists I book only you for this wedding. These are the dates. This is the venue. Block your dates. Bye.’

Until then, I only knew stories Ram had shared, about how fun and hyper his set of cousins and generally, adults in his family are, but technically, this wedding threw open the doors to getting to know and interact with every interesting person in the family. This also was the most sensible South Indian Sangeet party I’d seen - there were performances for an hour by cousins of both Arvind & Aditi, 2 hours of open dance floor for everyone to scream, try and fail at gymnastics (I’m looking at you, Ram), immediately followed by dinner, and people scrambling to their rooms by 9:30 pm, to get good sleep for the early morning Muhurtham.

I knew almost everyone from the groom’s side during the wedding, I barely knew anyone from the bride’s side, including Aditi, but I think it’s safe to say that after the wedding, and through the course of a year (yes, yes, I am sharing pictures from February, 2018, haha), it’s safe to say I’ve been accepted by Aditi as well: reference situation - I’m shooting Ram’s engagement, and Aditi marches over to me saying, ‘Unna yaar shoot panna vittadhu? You are family. Give camera to someone and come pose with us.’

And you ask why I love my job? 😁

Hit play on the song & check out the pictures. :)