Knowing Ram is like knowing the back of your hand – you don’t quite question it, it’s there, doing what it should do. He’s one of the most sensible, sensitive, and giving person I know, acutely aware of, and equal parts awkward about everything about you, on this side, making him almost unreal. Ram and his family have become such an integral part of life now, it is almost funny to say that after years of knowing his work, the only time I found the courage to initiate a conversation with him was over a bunch of excruciatingly delicious Instagram stories of him cooking dinner for 1 when his parents were away. He just grows on you, cooks for you, makes you cringe with his annoying close-to-perfection nasal Ravi Krishna rendition of ‘Hey, Anitha!’ or Dhanush’s ‘Ey, Divya, naa unna evlo love panren teriyuma?’ hears you out when you have a 2-hour story to share, and actually knows the right thing to say. Ram is.. comfort. He’s the calm voice I want to hear when everyone else is pouring fuel into the fire on my head.

Earlier this June, Ram told me he’d like to propose to Mira, on the knee, ring, et al, and we put together an elaborate story of how I’d like Mira to be my subject, how we could one day drive to their ‘spot,’ and how it would be nice if we could squeeze in a few couple portraits also for engagement or wedding invites. Mira immediately agreed, and we meticulously planned what she’d wear until 1 am the day we were to start our mini road-trip at 4. We threw in Fahad in the mix, drove there, watched Mira get excited at everything, watched Mira fish out gunk from the water to give Ram, watched Ram promptly throw it right back, watch both of them squirm uncomfortably with Fahad and I around, waited for the cue for Ram to go down on a knee, and everything else, in pictures below. :) 

Here’s the song it happened to, so hit play, and see the pictures for the full experience. :)


Ram has brought in so many things into my life, most importantly, limitless access to his beautiful family, and it fills my heart to know that he now has Mira to shower all the love back into his life that he so willingly shares, even though with annoying imitations and sometimes not-so-sad puns (Ram, not Mira. Mira is amazing. Mira is so many things. Mira deserves a separate post.) I’ve been trying to be around for the wedding prep, and I can barely wait for the big day; your birthday came, and your birthday went, Mira, but keep this as a tiny gift for now. It could’ve been better, but, in my defence:

Right after all of this (going on one knee, giving the ring, telling her to reply while hiding behind her own hands) was over, Ram explained to Mira when during the song he actually went down on his knee: ‘கண்களில் நீர் வழிந்தால் மழை நீரும் கரிக்குதடி.. பாவை கோவம் கொண்டால் ஆகாயம் சிவக்குதடி..’ Mira didn’t buy it that there was so much planning that had gone in. I pitched in saying, ‘I swear, Mira. We needed to have a cue we all understood!’ and Fahad promptly went ‘Enakku evanum cue sollaliye daaa!’

So in Aravind’s words, ‘Full song ku edit panlaam, Ksk, but footage engaaaaa?’

We’ll do better next time, ok?

We love you guys!