Fahad and I have known Aswin for a little over 6 years now. He loves his play-doh (that he uses to create miniatures with), fish that his mother makes, watching a good movie at Sathyam cinemas, his yellow Vespa, and his hometown, Marthandam. I’ve heard Aswin speak about the place so much over the years, I’ve carried around mental pictures of the roads, the houses, and the people there for years now; and no, he’d never once taken us there to see the place in person. Would you like to know why?

‘I can’t take a girl randomly and go. Yaarum ponnu kudukka mataanga da!’'

Well, that’s Aswin.

When Aswin told us he’s getting married, the first thing I got excited about was that he could no longer hide the ‘mystic’ land from us, and considering his mother invited us to be a part of the family-only, less-than-50-guests wedding, we knew we had a free pass to go stay at his parents’ place even before the newly-weds could pack shop from Chennai and travel down south for the reception.

We got a friend of his to let us borrow a two-wheeler, roamed the stretch of this tiny little town nestled in the borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala back and forth, got fed pappadam, kappa, chaya, heard the unadulterated laughter of his nieces and nephews and cousins galore as they murmured ecitedly amongst themselves all the time in a Tamil sprinkled with ample Malayalam accents, revelled in the rain that so graciously warped the whole place for our entire stay, and in between all of that, we got to shoot Aswin and Aarya in a place this breathtaking, although for the way the sea kept roaring that day, it was quite ironic how the Thengapatnam beach as such is a quiet, non-fussy, laid back hangout spot for the townsfolk.

Hit play and scroll to see the pictures. It will set the mood. Cheers! :)